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Some think of the serene and natural beauty of lush green rolling hills; others dream of kilts, caber toss and a hardworking life; while others think of growing cities in New Jersey, and California Hillsdale Furniture.

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Chelsea Home Bed Bookcase Headboard Storage

Bed Bookcase Headboard Storage. Our wide selection of quality made products will transform a house into your home.
Hillsdale Bookcase Bed Trundle

Bookcase Bed Trundle. Combined with our Dura-Blast finishing process it can withstand the trials that kidís.
Hillsdale Bookcase Bed Driftwood

Bookcase Bed Driftwood. Some think of the serene and natural beauty of lush green rolling hills; others dream.
Acme King Bed

King Bed. For a touch of elegance, this upholstered bedroom collection features cursive components.
Modus California King Upholstered Panel Bed

California King Upholstered Panel Bed. Roughhewn planks bear the characteristic saw marks, dents, pits, and random knots.
Acme Queen Bed Storage

Queen Bed Storage. Features curved & beveled front case panels.
Hillsdale Queen Bed Set

Queen Bed Set by Hillsdale. Instead of featuring just the common wood post, the Burton Way bed features a slender.
Hillsdale Flat Panel Bed

Flat Panel Bed by Hillsdale. The Highlands Alex Full Flat Panel Bed is reminiscent of ship slats & planks.
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